Best Monsoon Treks Near Mumbai - Collection

Best Monsoon Treks Near Mumbai

13 Tours Starting from ₹ 900
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Best Monsoon Treks Near Pune - Collection

Best Monsoon Treks Near Pune

17 Tours Starting from ₹ 799
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Himalayan Treks - Collection

Himalayan Treks

3 Tours Starting from ₹ 8,499
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Campsites - Collection


12 Tours Starting from ₹ 1,000
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Our Story

In 2015, We launched Adventure Club Pune with the belief that other travellers would share our desire to experience authentic adventures in a responsible and sustainable manner. We believe that life outdoors is a life well lived and sharing our passion for the outdoors. Now with a team of 150 (Passionate and Nature People with experience of more than 8 years in the field of adventures), we are growing rapidly, providing our guests with lifetime adventure experience with 100% safety and satisfaction. From a handful of trips nearby Pune to more than 100+ adventures spanning India... and beyond! Our travellers experience the real world with us every year. The only thing we are growing rapidly is our passion for making sure you get behind the scenes to experience the real world in an authentic and sustainable manner. Now we have expanded our operations into  Himalayas, Western Ghats, North East, Nepal, Bhutan and the other States of India especially in Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, J & K and Uttarakhand. 

More than 45,000 travellers over the past 2 years have discovered India with us. They loved it. And so will you.